Liposuction Sydney – Is Abdominal liposuction worth it?

By October 6, 2015blog_post

Abdominal Liposuction Results 

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure where excess fat is removing in the body. Liposuction or lipoplasty usually has a dramatic change on the person being operated on. You will be reshaped on the various parts of the body where there are fat deposits. Having appealing contours is one of the goals for those who go for the procedure.

It is important that you have photos of yourself before and after the procedure so that you can see the transformation. Unfortunately, some people have unrealistic goals of what they want to turn out after the procedure. The results will largely depend on many factors such as:

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Psychological preparation

There are some people who have large bodies but expect that after the procedure, the change will be instant. They thus keep photos of their previous selves and compare themselves with those after the procedure. If there is no dramatic change, they get disappointed. It is important that the surgeon explain to you when the change will be and the extent. Setting realistic expectations will lead you to getting satisfied with the results.

Sydney Liposuction – Weight gain after the procedure

You may notice that after the lipoplasty, you have gained more weight. This could be attributed to the fact that you lost too much weight before liposuction, but regained it almost immediately. The surgeon should be in a position to explain to you the importance of losing realistic weight without stretching yourself to the limit. Visit our liposuction clinic in Sydney to learn more.

However, these are the general results you would expect for the before and after the liposuction procedure:

Abdomen before and after

The abdomen is one of the main areas of the body where fat deposits will appear, affecting your contour lines. Before, you will appear with an extended abdomen due to fat accumulation. A cannula with a pump at the end will be used to suck the fat out. With the after photo, you will have a firmer, flatter belly bereft of any fat. Your abdomen will be well toned with clear contours. You will also feel lighter and more appealing. Movement will be enhanced, though you will have some scar marks on the areas where the surgery has been performed.

What affects the after photo results?

The outcome of the abdomen liposuction will vary to a great extent from one person to another. The described expected results will largely be determined factors like:

Weight gain

Some people gain a lot more weight than others after the liposuction procedure hence influencing the after photo appearance.  Sudden weight loss is also possible after the procedure, depending on the person.


A subsequent pregnancy after the liposuction will also affect the after photos. This is because of the possible weight gain and the sagging of the skin. It is important that the surgeon explain to you the effect of becoming pregnant after the procedure so that you can have a realistic picture of the after procedure.


The before and after photos will be influenced by the site where the fat was removed. Most sites will give a disclaimer that the before and after photos that you see are not a guarantee that you will look like that after operation.