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Dr Barnouti LaithAbout Dr. Laith Barnouti

Dr.LaithBarnouti is a luminary in plastic surgery in Sydney, Australia, specializing in cosmetic surgery. Given his extensive training, he has restored the face and body with experience spanning 13 years. He has carried out thousands of delicates surgical operations using state-of-the art technology.

Barnouti’s other accolades

Apart from cosmetic surgery from which he is known for, Dr.Barnouti has also made significant contributions in publishing literature related to surgery. The media and literature is founded on the his in-depth experience and training. He has been a champion for using the latest technology to carry out surgery. He holds the position that surgeons should take responsibility to improve human body’s appearance with a sense of professionalism.

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The 4 pillars of Barnouti’s success

The following are the 4 highlights of Dr.Barnouti’s success:

  • Emphasising on the short scar
  • The knowledge acquired and the competency
  • Staying abreast on the latest surgical developments in Australia
  • Preserving the safety of one’s patients

Dr.Barnouti’s Professional background

Dr.Barnouti started practising as a surgeon in Sydney upon obtaining license. He then travelled globally to increase his knowledge and skills. He also sought international fellowship in the field of cosmetic surgery.

The international fellowship

Some of the international fellowships he worked with include Medical Conventions. This was held in Stockholm, Sweden and was addressing the matter of reshaping breast as well as augmentation surgery in the 21st century.

The other one was the fellowship in Gent as well as Belgium. It related to the face lift for short scar. Not done, he went to Ivo Pitanguy Body and Burrock Surgery which is a Rio de Janeiro clinic in Brazil and practised there.


Dr.Barnouti is a member of several organizations and societies such as:

  • Australian Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  • Fellow for the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (FRACS)

Note: FRACS is the one body in Australia with statutory mandate to offer training in plastic surgery.


At the moment, Dr.Barnouti is a specialist in minimal invasion, short scar surgery body and face volume restoration.

Academic contributions

He has written medical papers and delivered lectures at various meetings on science and has been a participant in science conventions both nationally and internationally.

Past practices

Being widely travelled as his is, Barnouti has been to Europe, South and North America. In his travels, he has been able to update himself in latest technology is cosmetic surgery.


Dr. Barnouti is proud of his expertise and commitment to offer the highest possible care to a patient using the latest technology when carrying out cosmetic surgery. The Australia plastic Surgery’s goal is to aid patients work towards their improvement through informed decision making and find pleasure to offer this service to you.