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liposuction-before-and-afterLiposuction is a smart choice if you are wanting to improve your appearance and lose body fat. Our Sydney liposuction clinic can help get the body you desire.  Below is research about the benefits of liposuction.  With our Sydney liposuction surgeon you will be assures a great outcome.

Research has actually shown that removal of fat is good for the heart. The following are the results of an extensive research on the surgical procedure.

Goes beyond the waistline

Many people associate liposuction with reduction of the waistline when a few pounds of fat are removed. The benefits of liposuction have however been found to extend to the heart. Research shows that patient s with a high amount of triglycerides lost the same by as much as 43% after liposuction was carried out. This reduction was found to reduce the number of white blood cells which cause high blood pressure, heart attack, obesity and stroke.

Stops circulation of harmful fat

Harmful fats that circulate in the blood could potentially pose a threat to your body and in particular the cardiovascular system. Liposuction helps to remove the fat before it causes harm to the heart and the other parts of the body.

Works better than medication for cholesterol

It has been found that liposuction is twice as effective as cholesterol medication. If you have too much cholesterol in the body, medication may not be as effective as liposuction. For instance, liposuction may reduce the amount of triglycerides by 43% while the cholesterol medication will probably reduce the same by about 21.5%. This is according to a study carried out on the efficacy of liposuction on people with a high amount of fat in the body.

Drop in white blood cells

Liposuction helps to reduce white blood cells in the body by as much as 11 %. Apart from causing inflammation, white blood cells have also been attributed to cardiovascular diseases.

Is Liposuction Safe?

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Many people go for liposuction to enhance their looks. Liposuction indeed improves the body contours so that you have a beautifully curved body that is free from fat pockets.

Permanent fat removal

It is important to note that this surgical procedure has a permanent effect on the pockets of fat that accumulate on certain parts of the body. It is however important to note that this is subject to the patient retaining a healthy lifestyle.

Treats certain medical conditions

Liposuction patients with tumours such as lipomas, gynecomastia and lipodystrophy syndrome could have their conditions treated. These conditions are linked to the accumulation of fat in the body.

Alternative to exercise and diet

Where exercise and diet have failed, liposuction offers hope too many patients who would otherwise have no other better option to get rid of body fat in the waistline among other areas.

Reduced blood loss

Due to the fact that there has been a marked advancement in the technique of liposuction, the risk of blood loss has been drastically reduced.

Reduced discomfort

You will not experience a lot of discomfort during the procedure as there are measures put in place on modern surgery practices to ensure that you come out of the surgery feeling comfortable. The use of anaesthesia helps you sleep during the procedure.

Recovery period is short

Unlike other surgical procedures which take a long time, the recovery from liposuction is short.

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