Benefits of Suction assisted liposuction – Sydney

liposuction methodsAny type of liposuction is generally suction assisted because a hollow tubular-like structure known as cannula is inserted mechanically to remove fat. This is with exception with the face where a syringe may be used for harvesting the graft. The following are the various benefits of suction assisted liposuction, also known as SAL.


This technique is considered the most affordable among all types of liposuction. If you have a limited budget, then this is the method to go for.

It is popular

If a technique is popular, it means that it is highly successful, more the reason why is preferred over other types of liposuction.

Preferred for certain body parts

The back is known to a problematic part of the body to remove fat. This is because it contains large amount of fat that needs to be removed. SAL is preferred because it is effective in removing large volumes of fat.

It is effective

If you want to remove large chunks of fat within the shortest time possible , suction assisted liposuction is the best of them all.

Helps in reshaping/contouring various body parts

This is the preferred, method by majority of women who want to get rid of excess fat in some parts of the body such as the face, abdomen, and buttocks and so on. For men, this method is preferred for getting rid of love handles, making their abdomens firm as well as reducing the fat deposits found in the neck.

Uses fluids for ease of fat extraction

During suction assisted liposuction, water is pumped to the fat areas so as to separate the fat. The water or any other fluid used is helpful in reducing pain, playing the role of anaesthesia.

Less bleeding

This method of liposuction is also advantageous in that little bleeding will occur because of the use of fluids. These fluids, as explained above, serve to sedate the patient as well as reducing chances of bleeding.

Small incisions

The ability to use small incisions is a plus for this type of liposuction in the sense that there are reduced chances of scarring unlike other types of liposuction. As a result of suction-assisted-liposuctionthis, this method is ideal where fine contour lines are needed.

It is an out-patient surgical operation

This method is preferred because it rarely requires you to be admitted after the operation. Unless there is a complication, you will most likely be operated on and discharged. This could perhaps explain the reason why is popular to both men and women alike.

Improves on some medical conditions

Suction assisted liposuction offers relief from certain medical conditions such as the tumors, otherwise known as lipomas; it also helps to deal with breast enlargement issues in men, also   known as gynecomastia.

It is effective

Majority of people who undergo suction assisted liposuction report an elevated feeling of self worth after the operation. This is because the techniques help to remove the unwanted body fats in various parts of the body hence helping in contouring the body. The overall effect is that there is general improved appearance of the body.

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