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Eye bags and dark circles are some of the most common facial imperfections which are dealt with by almost every teenage to adult men and women all over the world. Babies don’t have bluish tinges or flabby bags under their eyes since they are the epitome of youth. The elderly may have pronounced wrinkles, crow’s feet, and eye bags but it’s understandable for them since they have already lived past their prime and peak. Dark circles and the proverbial five o’clock shadow which appear around the eye area can be remedied with enough sleep, proper hydration, and a good concealing cosmetic product.

The Basics of Eyelid Surgery

Eye bags are another problem that can be addressed with cold patches for the eyes or slices of cucumber. Yet these are only temporary remedies to puffy lower eyelids. It’s a good thing that for those who are very particular with their appearance and would want to nix puffy lower eyelids for good, there’s a plastic surgery procedure that you can count on. Blepharoplasty or cosmetic eyelid surgery is an invasive procedure which aims to restore the youthful appearance of the surrounding eye area. But there’s more to the procedure than what meets the eye. For lower eyelid surgery, practitioners would first determine the triggering factor for eye bags.
Blepharoplasty sydneyMost of the time, excess fat is removed from the area, but this wouldn’t always solve the problem. You see, the lower eye area has one of the thinnest skin surfaces in the entire body. That’s the reason why rubbing your eyes is discouraged since it can cause wrinkling to the lids and procure the appearance of premature ageing. If fat is removed from the lower lids without correct diagnosis, you’ll end up looking like a skull with sunken, bluish-tinged eye sockets.

Rejuvenated, Youthful Eyes With Blepharoplasty

Basically, the ‘bags’ which you espy on the lower lids is just adipose tissue or fat. As you age, your eyelids don’t get fatter, given the appearance of the bags. With time, the ligaments which keep the fat deposits on the lower lids firm tend to lose their tone. For emaciated people, muscle wasting and the loss of fat can also trigger the appearance of either sunken eyes, or having eye bags. Blepharoplasty is performed by repositioning the ligaments of the eyelids or fat. Arranging them will do the trick instead of actually removing the concerned tissues. Only a very small amount of fat is removed from the lower lids. Surgeons work with blepharoplasty the same way hernia is managed: the lower lid fat tends to get herniated outwards, that’s why it naturally goes back to the eye lids.

Afterwards, fat grafting is done in order to polish the general result of the surgery. This is done by deriving fat from the same patient’s body. The extracted fat is treated by distillation and purification before it is injected in minute amounts round the cheeks and eye area. This helps to reduce the future occurrence of puffy bags and wrinkles.