Breast Lift in Sydney

Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure which aims at rectifying sagging breasts. Breasts tend to sag for various reasons, prime among them being breastfeeding, pregnancy, heredity, weight or ageing. Ordinarily, breast lift does little to round out the breasts or alter the shape of the breast; rather, it raises them up by tightening the skin tissue surrounding the breasts so that the new contours are firmly supported in place

Who Qualifies for Breast Lift?

Breast lift is a procedure aimed at helping women with larger breasts that have visibly become  saggy.  It is also useful for breasts whose areolas have enlarged over time and the skin elasticity has been lost.

How Breast Lift is done

affordable breast lift sydneyFor the procedure to begin, a number of processes are followed. First, a mammogram is carried out to identify any changes in the breast tissues. A successful breast lift requires the breast tissues to be healthy. In this respect, you may be advised to change your lifestyle if for instance you smoke or use certain medications. Once satisfied, your surgeon will place you under general anesthesia before carrying out the operation. He will make a number of incisions in the breast area using certain techniques that are determined by a number of factors.

Notably, the surgeon is informed by your breast size and shapes as well the condition of the areolas. The incisions are also guided by the extent of the sagging and the degree of elasticity. The aim of the incisions is to get rid of unwanted skin around the breast area.

Types of Breast Lift surgery

There are three basic breast lift surgery types as we shall discuss them below:

  1. Standard Breast Lift Surgery

This breast lift technique makes use of keyhole incision commencing at the root of the breast going outwards to the areola. This method creates an anchor shape and is mostly preferable where there excessive drooping of the breasts, otherwise known as ptosis. Standard Breast Lift Surgery helps to rectify noticeable scarring resulting from the drooping or sagging breasts.

  1. Doughnut mastopexyBreast Lift Surgery Sydney-min

The second surgery type is known as doughnut mastopexy or Benelli lift. This method is less invasive than the former and mainly concentrates in the areola region. The procedure, also known as Periareolar lift involves removal of skin surrounding the areola. The main advantage with this method is that it safeguards your skin from visible scarring.

  1. Vertical mastopexy

The last method is vertical mastopexy which, as the name implies, involves vertical incision towards the breasts from the areola region.

Note: better results, experts often recommend combining both breast lift and breast augmentation.

Post-Operative Recovery

Women that have had breast lift surgery are always impressed at how much of an improvement the procedure makes to the appearance of their breast. After the procedure you can expect your breasts to have a little swelling and be a little sore but this is completely normal and will dissipate within  a week.