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As we start to age our bodies start to get soft and we tend to put on weight. Women often are prone to putting on fat around there bottom  and stomach. This often makes women self-conscious and want to hide there bodies.  There are many benefits to liposuction and not only fat reduction. The following link goes into further detail about the benefits of liposuction.

Butt liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that is performed with the aim of improving the shape as well as the size of the buttocks. Many patients are unhappy with irregularly shaped buttocks which tend to have lumps.

How to get best results on buttocks liposuction

It is highly possible to get very fine contour lines in the buttocks if the right size of cannula is used. Microcannula is more recommended as opposed to the use of cannulas with larger diameters. Although the large diameter cannula is better at performing faster procedure, fine details are lost, so you will end up with irregular buttocks.

Why every patient minds on the shape

Shape of the buttocks is everything. Having a nice but does not just occur easily and without effort. Remember that the butt is comprised of subcutaneous fat. If the fat is not up to the right proportion, then you will not have the well rounded butt that can have any kind of clothing slipped on it. People with irregular butts are not comfortable in front of people with the butt facing the people. This is because the patients feel increasing conscious of people picking at their rather dis-proportionally shaped buttocks. Butt liposuction comes handy to rectify this kind of anomaly.

Aesthetics vs. function

Butt liposuction is set to achieve bother aesthetics part of it as well as the functional one. On the part of function, you are able to sit comfortable if your butts are well shaped and soft to sit on. This particularly important if you have to sit on hard surfaces and you need to be cushioned against the pain and discomfort. On the other hand, people with nicely shaped butts are a source of admiration as everyone wants to stare at them. It is the desire of every woman to have a nice butt that people could look as they are pleasing to the eye. This is referred to as callipygian for beautiful buttocks. View our before and after liposuction pictures.

Technique used for butt liposuction

The surgeon operating on you will most likely consider using tumescent technique with the sole aim of helping you achieve a reduction in size of the butts as well as have the bulkiness in them diminished substantially. For a microcannula of about 2.8mm and below, the surgeon will be able to smooth the rounded sides of the butts and help you get the roundness that define butts. You should be careful with the choice of the size of cannula used as larger ones are not able to round the buttocks for that killer figure of your derriere.

Overdoing butt liposuction

Sometimes too much of something erodes any gains made. This explains why you should consider take out reasonable amount of the subcutaneous fat and leave the rest. Otherwise you might end up with irregularly shaped butts. It is recommended that you should not have more than 40% of the subcutaneous fat removed. The aim is to have a uniform removal of the fat so that the bulkiness of the butts is reduced to a certain extent.

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The video below demonstrates the process of Buttock Liposuction