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Calf liposuction

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Just like the hips and the breast, the legs are the very definition of sexuality. The fact that legs constitute half of our bodies and are usually the visible parts of the body means that we have to ensure that they look great all the time. Curvaceous legs define sexiness and therefore, you as a woman would do anything to rectify the thickness of the calves are something that women detest hence the calf liposuction.

Can diet and exercise help?

Although you can achieve a certain degree of success with these two, ultimately, calf liposuction could potentially help get rid of the thickness in your calves.

What calf liposuction does t your legs?

Calf liposuction greatly aids in reshaping the calf muscles so that the area between the ankle and the knee achieves the ideal convex shape. The accumulation of fat in the calf area is what causes them to sag and look unappealing. The purpose of calf liposuction is to remove this fat and give the calves the curvy shape that is appealing.

Why calf liposuction is tricky?

Unlike other types of liposuction, calf liposuction is a little bit delicate especially because a surgeon has to make cuts in some areas like the ankle. The ankle is one of the most sensitive body parts as there are many veins supplying it. You should also be conscious of the fact that the calf muscle constitutes of fibrous and muscle which could easily be damaged if care is not exercised. Our experienced surgeon carries out the operation, you can be sure that a huge amount of fat will be removed in the calf areas to give you the desired curvy results.

How long does the procedure take?

Calf liposuction usually takes no more than 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the situation. 


You will take time before you can make use of your legs. In order to hasten the healing, you can use the compression stocking. During the recovery period, you are advised not to exert a lot of pressure on the legs. This should be anything between several days and a few weeks. Exercise is out of question during the recovery period as you may interfere with the healing process.

The results

The benefit of a successful calf liposuction is that the results are permanent. In other words, once the fat has been removed from the calf area, it does not regenerate as long as you are an adult. The surgeon will bank on the fact that the fat that is already there is the one that increases in volume. If it is removed, the results will be positive for no fat.

Changes to expect

After the liposuction procedure, you will notice that your legs will appear bigger than usual. This is something that is expected as the calf muscles assume the convex shape and appear larger. In the long run,however,you will appreciate that you will look sexier with curvy legs as opposed to the thick, saggy fibrous and muscle that keeps you away from  looking beautiful in the legs. Call us today to book your free calf liposuction consultation at our clinic in Sydney.