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Australia is a country that has a great many overweight people and most often they will at some stage desire to remove the extra body fat and liposuction-before-and-afterthis can be a difficult thing to do.  It will require a good amount of exercise to see any type of results. More often than not you will not get the results that you are looking for and resort to other methods such as liposuction.

Liposuction for a Better Looking Body

Many people try various diets and other approaches to losing weight but often do not get the results they are hoping for and will they seek out other options. Liposuction is somewhat effective at eliminating fat deposits but not all people should have the procedure performed.

Liposuction is more effective for people that do not have all that much fat and desire further refinement. People that have a large amount of body fat and want liposuction as a quick fix will surely be disappointing. If you are considering  having this procedure that you should book in for a free consultation with our Sydney liposuction specialist and discuss to discuss what you would like to have done.

You can also see come lipo before and after pictures which will give you a good idea of what type of result liposuction can achieve.

Fat Transfer to fill out your wrinkles

Fat transfer delivers a impressive new way to consider the fat you don’t want (on the butt, the hips, and so on.) and set it where by you can use it. Excess fat from any aspect of your overall body can be utilized to fill out lips, lessen wrinkles, and restore the wholesome confront of your youth.

The phrase “cellulite” was initially invented in European spas and salons. Cellulite is frequent deposits of body fat that generally buildup on the legs, buttocks, thighs, hips, arms and belly. It does not make any difference if you are slim or chubby, you can get cellulite. It does not subject if you are famed or the ordinary Joe. It does not make a difference if you are prosperous or lousy. You can get cellulite.

Benefits of Ultrasound-assisted liposuction


Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction in Sydney

Affordable Liposuction in SydneyThis is the type of liposuction whereby ultrasound is used to cause the subcutaneous fat to melt for easier removal through suction. This method is preferred because it has equally many benefits, just like the tumescent method of liposuction. In this article, we are going to look at various benefits associated with ultrasound-assisted liposuction.

Helps where diet and exercise have failed

Most people who seek ultra-sound assisted liposuction at our clinic in Sydney have tried various types of diets and exercise without success. This surgical method offers hope too many people who would otherwise have to struggle with their fat after other options have failed.

It liquefies fat

This aspect of liquefying fat is a huge plus for this method because it enables easier removal of fat. Other traditional techniques of liposuction do not employ   this method of suctioning fat; hence it becomes difficult to remove the fat from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, among other parts of the body.

Huge fat deposits can be removed in one session

Unlike other methods of liposuction where you need a few sessions to remove a sizeable amount of fat, ultra-sound assisted liposuction enables can help you remove huge amounts of fat and especially the back of the body.

No damage occurs on connective tissues

The traditional methods of liposuction have a tendency to damage the surrounding connective tissues during the removal of fat. The blood vessels are also selectively damaged in the process. Since ultra-sound assisted liposuction uses ultrasound on selected fat cells, there is minimal damage which occurs.

Little bruising

Since it employs the use of ultrasound to liquefy the fat, there is little or no bruising. This qualifies it to be one of the safest methods of liposuction on this account.

Easier to revise

If there have been a need to revise an operation, it is easier to deal with ultrasound liposuction as there are no cases of scar tissue injuries, a problem that is common  in traditional liposuction procedures.

Laser Liposuction in SydneyThe fat removal is permanent

Our liposuction surgeon in Sydney have performed hundreds of laser liposuction specially the ultrasound-assisted method. Unlike with other liposuction methods whereby fat may return after its removal, ultrasound assisted liposuction is different in that it is permanent. Fat deposits may only form elsewhere but not where they have been removed using this method.

Less blood loss

This method is not as invasive as other methods of liposuction, hence there will be no need to receive blood transfuse

Safe where huge chunks of fat is to be removed

This method is quite convenient for removing huge deposits of fat with reduced chances of repeat work.

Reduced pain

The fact that general anaesthesia is used means that you will not experience pain during the operation.

Preferred method for moderate weight individuals

Individuals who are not obese will find this method effective in getting rid of unwanted fat in the body. 

Not sure which liposuction is right for you? Visit our liposuction practice in Sydney to have an evaluation with one of our experienced cosmetic surgeon.


The ultrasound assisted liposuction is an outpatient procedure in most of the times. This means you will be operated and discharged the same day. The downtime for the operation means that recovery period is short and that you may be allowed to resume your daily activities within a short time.

Liposuction Sydney – Is Abdominal liposuction worth it?

Abdominal Liposuction Results 

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure where excess fat is removing in the body. Liposuction or lipoplasty usually has a dramatic change on the person being operated on. You will be reshaped on the various parts of the body where there are fat deposits. Having appealing contours is one of the goals for those who go for the procedure.

It is important that you have photos of yourself before and after the procedure so that you can see the transformation. Unfortunately, some people have unrealistic goals of what they want to turn out after the procedure. The results will largely depend on many factors such as:

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Psychological preparation

There are some people who have large bodies but expect that after the procedure, the change will be instant. They thus keep photos of their previous selves and compare themselves with those after the procedure. If there is no dramatic change, they get disappointed. It is important that the surgeon explain to you when the change will be and the extent. Setting realistic expectations will lead you to getting satisfied with the results.

Sydney Liposuction – Weight gain after the procedure

You may notice that after the lipoplasty, you have gained more weight. This could be attributed to the fact that you lost too much weight before liposuction, but regained it almost immediately. The surgeon should be in a position to explain to you the importance of losing realistic weight without stretching yourself to the limit. Visit our liposuction clinic in Sydney to learn more.

However, these are the general results you would expect for the before and after the liposuction procedure:

Abdomen before and after

The abdomen is one of the main areas of the body where fat deposits will appear, affecting your contour lines. Before, you will appear with an extended abdomen due to fat accumulation. A cannula with a pump at the end will be used to suck the fat out. With the after photo, you will have a firmer, flatter belly bereft of any fat. Your abdomen will be well toned with clear contours. You will also feel lighter and more appealing. Movement will be enhanced, though you will have some scar marks on the areas where the surgery has been performed.

What affects the after photo results?

The outcome of the abdomen liposuction will vary to a great extent from one person to another. The described expected results will largely be determined factors like:

Weight gain

Some people gain a lot more weight than others after the liposuction procedure hence influencing the after photo appearance.  Sudden weight loss is also possible after the procedure, depending on the person.


A subsequent pregnancy after the liposuction will also affect the after photos. This is because of the possible weight gain and the sagging of the skin. It is important that the surgeon explain to you the effect of becoming pregnant after the procedure so that you can have a realistic picture of the after procedure.


The before and after photos will be influenced by the site where the fat was removed. Most sites will give a disclaimer that the before and after photos that you see are not a guarantee that you will look like that after operation.

What is lipoplasty?

Liposuction or lipoplasty is a surgical procedure whereby unwanted body fat is removed so as to reshape and contour them. The various parts of the body where the fat deposits are removed include the arms, abdomen, buttocks, neck and hips. In Sydney, you can find many professional plastic surgeon specializing surgical and non-surgical liposuction procedures. Continue reading below to know what liposuction is all about.

Is liposuction a way of losing weight?

Many people confuse liposuction with other methods of weight loss. In fact overweight people go for the procedure with the aim of losing weight. However, liposuction is not meant to help you lose weight. If you are obese or generally overweight, you will need to look for other options such as:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Bariatric

What to look for before settling for lipoplasty or liposuction in Sydney?

There are important factor that one must bear in mind before going for this surgical procedure. These are as discussed below:


Undoubtedly, cost is one of the most important factors to consider before going for the surgical procedure. This is an expensive procedure especially because it is not covered by insurance. You will therefore have to make sure that you look for the most affordable clinic before committing to one. Visit our main liposuction Sydney clinic page for more information about our affordable prices on all liposuction procedures.


Cost aside, the cost is another aspect of lipoplasty you cannot ignore. By quality we mean that the clinic must have the best facilities for the procedure while at the same time the surgeon must be highly trained, professional and experienced.

Lipoplasty ideal candidate

There is more to lipoplasty than qualifications of the surgeon and the cost. The question one needs to ask is: am I a suitable candidate for the procedure? The following guideline will help you to determine if you are qualified or not.

Elastic skin

Do you have firm skin that is also elastic but which you are not happy with? If so, you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

Perfect health

Individuals with good state of health stand a better chance of undergoing a successful liposuction procedure as compared to those whose immunity is weak.


Smoking is not a healthy habit for anyone who is looking forward for this cosmetic surgery. This is because it weakens the immune system such that you may experience delayed healing.

Positive outlook in life

People with a positive mindset are at a better position to get better results than those who have unrealistic goals. It is therefore important to evaluate ones goals to make you do not them so high that you become disappointed when they become unattainable. 

How safe is lipoplasty?

Liposuction is safe if performed by a professional and certified liposuction surgeon. With the advances of laser technology, non-surgical liposuction is also available to give you an option if you fear on going under the knife. Get an affordable vaser liposuction that offers the same great results as liposuction surgery targeting the removal of fat in many different areas of the body. Although all the measures can be taken into account, there is always the risk of the following:

Injuring organs

As it is an invasive procedure, there is a greater chance of rupturing or damaging a vital organ.


Due to excessive bleeding which occur internally, clots may form in the blood vessels. If these clots are not taken care of, they may cause serious health problems.


As lipoplasty involves making incisions, one may end up with several surgical marks on the body. These marks later develop into scars.


Although it is rare, this surgery can cause death.

Liposuction of the thigh in Sydney

The thigh region is one of the parts of the body where unwanted fat deposits are removed. Thighs tend to accumulate high reserves of fat deposits which tend may alter the shape of the lower body. The fat may be deposited in the inner thigh or the outer one.

How the operation is carried out

This is one of the easiest operations involving a suction pump and an instrument known as a cannula. The surgeon will make a small incision on the thighs before the cannula is inserted to suck out the fat deposits. During the process of removing the fat deposits, small tunnel-like structures are created before collapsing to help in better contouring of the thighs. Refer our main inner thigh liposuction page for more information about the overall procedure and to discover how to get a free consultation instantly.

How much does the procedure cost?

The cost of the procedure varies, depending on where on where you want it to be done. These costs are divided into 2, i.e.:

Sydney Liposuction of the inner thigh

This costs anything in the range of between $2000 and $5000. Navigate our website for more information about our affordable lipo procedures in Sydney clinic.

Liposuction of the outer thigh

The cost for this one is nearly the same as that of the inner thigh, averaging between $1,600 and $ 5000.

Having realistic goals

Before you decide to go for the procedure, you need to have realistic goals. For instance, you should expect to have better contoured thighs. It is imperative to point out that this procedure is not aimed at helping you to lose weight. In that case, one is advised to exercise and eat a healthy diet.

Other things that liposuction will not treat includes cellulite and sagging skin. Those going for the procedure should set realistic goals so as not to be disappointed.

View our liposuction before and after gallery for more information

Side effects

Thigh liposuction comes with a number of side effects and risks. These are as discussed below:

Blood and fat clots

The surgeon should inform you of the possible risk of forming clots. These clots could pose a risk if the clot travels in the blood. Fat clots are also likely to form.

Sensitivity to skin

The skin becomes increasingly sensitive due to the surgery. There may also be a possibility of loss of sensitivity on the operated area.


You run the risk of bleeding excessively especially if the procedure is not carried out by a professional or a skilled surgeon.

Body contours that are not even

Although the aim of the procedure is to smooth out the contours, there may turn out uneven contours on the skin.


Swelling is common among patients for thigh liposuction.

Skin discolouration

The skin may change colour due to the procedure.

Damage to the nerves

The nerves may be damaged by the cannula. The skin too may also be damaged.


As this is an invasive procedure, the cannula could cause formation of scars.

Anaesthesia risks

There are some people who are allergic to anaesthesia hence cannot be operated on by being administered one.


The making of incisions on the skin leads to pain and discomfort.

Sagging skin

One may suffer from sagging skin on the thighs.  Get the best liposuction results when you visit our medical practice in Sydney, navigate the contact us page to get started for a free consultation with one of the cosmetic surgery expert in Australia.

Liposuction Surgeon In Sydney – Why Finding a Specialist Matters

Liposuction Surgeon In Sydney – Why Finding a Specialist Matters

liposuction-before-and-after-0In the area of liposuction, you’ll be happy to know that there are so many benefits of the procedure which outweigh the whopping price which accompany it. Basically, liposuction is an invasive procedure which is geared towards eliminating excess fat deposits that are located under the skin. A sterile cannulated tool fashioned to work like an ultrasound device is used to suction out the fat, thereby contouring the body. It is one of the most sought-after elective cosmetic procedures by patients who want to reduce their flab and weight where exercise and a proper diet cannot remedy.

Highlighting the Benefits of Liposuction

Many men and women are now drawn to the appeal of getting liposuction in order to feel more confident about themselves with a more sculpted body physique and good weight. For this article, we shall discuss some of the most important benefits of the procedure and how you can adjust your lifestyle in favor of recovering and maintaining your ideal body shape and weight after the procedure.

You see, a good, balanced diet and rigorous exercise alone can sometimes fail to address the inconvenience and frustration brought about by a flabby middle. With the help of liposuction, a proper sculpting of your body contours will then commence and the gradual elimination of excess fat from the tissues.

Benefits of Liposuction

There are many benefits that come from having liposuction including the removal of fat cells. These fat cell never will come again on the area where they were removed.  You can learn more about the benefits of liposuction be reading through our website.

The fat cells will be removed from the problem areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and forearms, afterwards, the body’s ability to produce these fatty tissues will be reduced to a bare minimum. In order for you to have a head start with looking and feeling good about your physique, you will need to strictly follow a programmed exercise regimen and a healthy diet after your liposuction treatment.

Specialist Liposuction surgeon in Sydney
Before you decide to undergo any form of cosmetic surgery including liposuction you have to make sure that the surgeon that you choose to go with has the experience to do give you a great outcome. We have some of the best cosmetic surgeons and we do a lot of liposuction in Sydney as that is where our main clinic is. We can assure you of a great outcome.

Is Liposuction Safe

Many people that consider having liposuction often ask if liposuction is safe. This can be easily answered and the answer is yes. These days liposuction is safe and as long as you have an experienced surgeon than you should have not problem.
Cost Of Liposuction

The cost of liposuction varies but if you decide to go to the big cities than the prices are a little better. The cost of liposuction is usually between $2000 to $4000 but can be more depending on the amount of procedures that you choose to have.
How to find a good liposuction surgeon?

Read more about cost of Liposuction Herehttp://www.costhetics.com.au/plastic-surgery/what-does-liposuction-cost-in-australia/

Finding a good liposuction surgeon is easy these days as there are many plastic surgeons that have great reputations. The cities are the best places to go for all the top surgeons are located there.

Try to be a little more cautious about your lifestyle and the things that you eat because if you gain more poundage after your liposuction, then the rest of the adipose fat cells that are in your body may just siphon themselves into the treatment area. You will be able to see instantaneous results after the procedure, which is once again another edge or benefit of getting liposuction.

Cosmetic Surgery Sydney

Unlike other procedures, you don’t need to wait for several weeks or days before you can see results. Of course, post-procedure you will observe some swelling in the target areas but try not to worry too much because these side effects will subside in about a month. Try to follow a healthier lifestyle after you’ve had liposuction because this will maintain your ideal body mass and weight for more than a year.

Most people marvel at the benefits of liposuction as it enhances one’s confidence and self-satisfaction. All at once, you will be able to wear all the clothes that you want and slip into dresses and skinny jeans just like any other people who can sport such figure-loving outfits. Many people that decide to have liposuction often will decide to get breast augmentation as well…

Before you decide to go through with liposuction for yourself, it is important to schedule an appointment with your surgeon as there are some preparations that need to be made pre-operation. You will want to save up a little more for your treatment and take a few days off to recover from the procedure properly.

Liposuction types and procedures

liposuction surgery in sydneyWhen you wake up one day and realize that here are fat deposits on various parts of the body, your fast reaction would be shock. You would get worried on how you can have your body reshaped and contoured to the right proportion. Thankfully, liposuction comes handy because it works where even exercise and diets may have failed. There are various types of liposuction that are in application today as we shall see in this article. You can visit our Sydney liposuction clinic for affordable liposuction procedures.

Parts of the body where liposuction is done

Fat may accumulate in various parts such as the calves, ankles, abdomen, knee, and waist and so on. When used in conjunction with tummy tuck, breast reduction, breast lift among other procedures, liposuction can help alleviate the problem greatly.

cost of liposuction in sydneyTumescent liposuction

One of the liposuction procedures is tumescent which involves injection of saline solution where the fat deposit is so that it can melt and be easily removed. This solution contains a mixture   of a painkiller and a drug for contracting blood vessesls, otherwise known as epinephrine. Tumescent type of liposuction is preferred for the main reason that it causes minimal loss of blood through bleeding. The use of the painkiller in the saline solution also greatly assists in managing pain. Get a quality tumescent but cheap liposuction in Sydney clinic.


As the name suggests, this procedure utilizes the ultrasonic kind of energy to change the solid fat into liquid so that extraction becomes easier. Ultrasonic is a form of low energy wave that is used to melt the fat before the liquefied fat is sucked out using a tool known as a cannula. Visit this website – http://www.liposuction-sydney.net.au/ to get started with your liposuction journey today!

Sydney Liposuction Clinic – Health benefits of liposuction

Liposuction refers to removal of fat from various parts of the body such as the abdomen, hips, face and so on. Whilst people tend to associate liposuction with the aesthetics, research has shown that in fact this surgical procedure has numerous health benefits as we shall find out.

tummy-tucks SydneyLowered levels of fat

A group of researchers at liposuction Sydney followed up a number of people who had undergone liposuction had gradually cut down the amount of fat cells in their bodies significantly. The researchers compared the up to 43 % reduction in the body fat to the same rate of fat loss by taking medication used for dealing with cholesterol in the body.

Reduced cardiovascular risks

Further research onto the effect of liposuction showed that there was a marked decrease in the number of inflammatory cells that are produced in the body. These inflammatory cells have been linked to the onset of life-threatening cardiovascular diseases. One study established the reduction by up to 11%.

Happy and healthier lives

Do people who have undergone liposuction lead happier and healthier lifestyles than their contemporaries? This is one of the major benefits of liposuction procedure. It has been found that this procedure has a profound effect on the lives of those who have had the fat removed. They are generally happy about their appearance compared to their counterparts. In Sydney, liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure that many people choose to undergo and thousands of liposuction procedures performed every year.

Increased physical activities

People who have undergone a surgical procedure like breast implants and liposuction are able to move about and execute various bodily functions that those who have not. It seems from observation that fat deposits in various parts of the body are an impediment to physical exercise and mobility. Therefore, liposuction helps one to improve on these two areas, generally improving their lot.

Who qualifies for the liposuction procedure?

liposuction procedure in SydneyLiposuction is a procedure done surgically to remove fat deposits in various parts of the body. It is usually a last resort for people who have tried to get rid of bulges due to fat, through exercise and diet without much success. The parts of the body where these fat deposits are found include the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and hips. Liposuction is also done to reduce the cellulite.

Before you go for liposuction, you must fulfill a number of requirements. These are discussed below:


Height is an issue for candidates suitably qualified for the procedure. The average height is the preferred one and is determined through Basal metabolic Index or BMI. This means that ideally, you must fall within the BMI range of 18.5 and 24.9. Planning to get a surgery done? Find a top Sydney liposuction surgeon to discover if you are qualified for a liposuction surgery.


Your skin must be healthy in the sense that it should be elastic and firm enough; otherwise inelastic and loose skin would easily disqualify you. If you have a skin infection or any other skin condition, you should inform the surgeon in advance so that proper treatment is provided before you are booked for liposuction.

Generally body health

It looks obvious, but it is important that you be in a state of good health. Unhealthy persons will have a problem recovering from the operation since it involves surgery, where you may develop some complications; if you are unhealthy, then the risks can only get worse.

Must have failed diet and exercise

It is not advisable to go for liposuction if you have not tried   diet or exercise. As earlier noted, liposuction is usually a last resort for people who have tried these two and failed. Liposuction procedure fall into category, search for a professional surgeon to help and examine which liposuction types is right for your needs.


If you have cellulite, then you will be ruled out for this operation because it is intended to get rid of fat only. If cellulite was to be removed, then it would leave ugly marks on the skin and the skin will also have severe irregularities


Though not considered a serious determinant, the young a person is, the higher the success rate for the reason that a young person has a more elastic skin compared to an older person.

plastic surgery in sydney affordableThings to do before settling for liposuction

If you have finally decided to go for liposuction, one of the preliminaries is to consult a qualified and certified surgeon. The surgeon will review your medical history; carry out health checks on you before deciding whether to admit you or nit.

The surgeon will also discuss with you the procedure to be carried out, the costs, risks and the recovery after the surgery. It is important that at this point and time, you ask any relevant questions related to the surgery. Most commonly, our expert of liposuction surgeon in Sydney also performs other forms of surgical procedure like breast augmentation. You can discuss to your surgeon if there’s any other procedure you have in mind.

Preparations for liposuction

Other preparations that you will be instructed to make regard diet, the foods and drinks to avoid as well as the prohibited medication at this point. It is important to point out that you should maintain a healthy lifestyle prior to the surgery. You should keep off alcohol, cigarettes, and certain vitamins and so on.

Factors affecting Liposuction cost 

top plastic surgery clinic in SYdneyAffordable Liposuction in Sydney

Liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure that involves removal of excess fat deposits in some regions in the body. These parts include the abdomen, waistline, face and the legs (calves) and knees, to mention but a few.

You cannot dissociate the aspect of cost from the various liposuction procedures. In fact one of the preliminary things that will arise from your consultation with a surgeon is the cost of liposuction.  To be honest, liposuction is not cheap as many people might think. The there are explanations as to why liposuction is expensive. For one, it is an aesthetic procedure since people go for them to improve their appearance; hence they are bound to be expensive. Again, you will find that insurance companies do not cover liposuction costs for the same reason-it is not a necessity. There are however facilities that is available and which help in financing options.

If you are not so lucky to have the financing options, you will be forced to foot the bill from your own pocket. The following is the breakdown for the entire cost of the procedure.

Cost of the surgeon in Sydney

The Sydney liposuction surgery clinic do not charge the same to the other surgery centers out there. There are those who are expensive and those who are not as well. It all boils down to the location of the surgery center as well as the level of expertise of the surgeon. Whilst it is important to get a surgeon who is affordable to you, this should not compromise on the quality of the service that you will get. Word of caution here is that regardless of the cost, a good surgeon is worth the price he charges. Otherwise, you will have an incomplete surgery done on you, a fact that will be discovered when it is too late.

liposuction in SydneyThe surgery may also be overdone; resulting in a disfigured figure .There may be large scars, uneven skin and unnatural appearance of the body, so you need to be cautious on these issues.

The part to be operated on

There are various parts of the body where liposuction is done, as noted at the beginning of the article. Unlike breast implants where the operation takes less time compared to liposuction surgery. Admittedly, these parts do not cost the same. For instance, the abdomen, upper and lower regions of the abdomen will cost you more than the legs, arms and buttock. It is important to fact in this fact so that you can plan ahead of time.

Anesthesiologist cost

The work of the anesthesiologist is to administer either the local or general anesthesia.  This is a separate cost that has to be included in the surgical and non-surgical costs to get the final cost. The same with the breast implants types, the price varies upon the types of implants you choose and size.

Body size

Does your body size influence the cost of the liposuction procedure? The answer is in the affirmative. If you have a large body, it means the area to be operated on will be larger hence you will be charged more due to the time and effort that will go towards the removal of the fat.


Time affects the cost of liposuction. In turn, time is influenced by the number areas to be operated, the size of the area to be operated as well possible delays due to complications. Learn more about the benefits of liposuction by visiting our clinic in Sydney.

Sydney Liposuction – Body Contouring Procedure

One of the most successful techniques that allow for contouring of the body into a more smooth and proportioned shape is liposuction.  This procedure has become a highly sought after measure that men and women seek in an effort to help them obtain a body that is better designed to fit or accommodate their build.  It is a manner of surgically reducing areas of fatty tissue deposits in certain areas of the body. Plastic surgery – body contouring and other surgical procedure to enhance your body appearance and renew your self-confidence.

This procedure always begins with a consultation.  Believe it or not, this is one of the most important phases of the process.  It allows you to get a general idea of what to expect before, during and after the procedure.  Most importantly, it gives the surgeon a general perspective on what your actual goals are in having the procedure performed.  We uses this as an assessment to determine if your desires are realistic or not.

Anesthesia administered prior to the start of the procedure

body-tightening procedure in SydneyThe surgeon and anesthesiologist will determine what level of anesthetic would be best for you during the surgery.  If there is a larger area of fat being removed, there may be a decision to have you asleep during the entire procedure.  If there are smaller amounts being removed, some Sydney liposuction surgeons will opt for a local anesthetic instead.  Most importantly, they will do what relaxes you best during the procedure in an effort to prevent you from feeling any discomfort or making any sudden movements that could result in complications.

There will be a tiny incision made in the skins fold where there will be an instrument inserted into the layer of fat.  The surgeon will inject a saline laced fluid of epinephrine. This will cause the blood vessels to contract.  This makes it much easier to rid the area of fat by attacking the fat cells and separating them from the structures of contact.

That’s one of the benefits of liposuction, afterwards, the cannula is used to remove fat that is layered beneath the skin. The cannula is just a small instrument that vacuums the fat when back and forth motions are made by the surgeon. This fat is gathered in a system of the cannula.

Body contouring benefits and how it works

Your surgeon will have predetermined as well as discussed with you the amount of fat to be removed prior to the surgery.  We sometimes use a skin pinch system to make sure that the skin is even on both sides before closing the incision.  There is sometimes a need to insert a small drainage tube to collect any fluid or blood that forms for the first few days following the procedure.  This usually only occurs if there is another procedure such as the tummy tuck performed with your surgery.

This is the basic process for the body contouring liposuction procedure.  There is much more detailed information to be gained when consulting with our trusted liposuction surgeons in Sydney.  However, this is a wonderfully celebrated procedure that delivers great benefits.

Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction

Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction in Sydney

This is a technique of liposuction used for the removal of fat in regions of the body that are hard to treat. These include the knees, calves, and neck. This technique supplements tumescent liposuction. The two common kinds of ultrasonic assisted liposuction include the Vaser and Ultrasculpt.

Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction uses sound waves that liquefy the fat deposits beneath the skin. The emulsified fat is easy to remove.

ultrasonic assisted liposuction in SydneyIn the initial step of ultrasonic liposuction, tumescent fluid, containing lidocaine and epinephrine, is injected into the regions from which fat is to be removed. This loosens the fat deposits and also preventing loss of body fluids.

In ultrasonic, the elimination of fat is induced by ultrasonic sound waves. The waves enter the body by the cannula through skin incisions. When the cannula meets the fat cells, the cells liquefy. This method uses either a general or local anesthesia. The kind of anesthesia will depend on the size of the region to be treated and the surgeon’s preference. To learn more about ultrasonic assisted liposuction, book your FREE consultation at Sydney liposuction clinic to get the best results at a low cost!

Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction Preparation for the process

Before undergoing ultrasonic, the patient needs to discuss with the surgeon. Some medications including anti-inflammatory medicine should not be taken since they increase the risks in bleeding. The process is also performed on out-patient basis thus the patient should be prepared for the frequent journeys.

Benefits of this technique

This technique has been beneficial in treating areas that contain thick depositions of fat. The method is also performed along with surgeries intended to alleviate baggy skin.

Recovery process

The recovery process ranges from days to weeks. The surgeon knows the time required for the patient to heal.

Sydney Liposuction-UltrasonicRisks involved in ultrasonic

  1. The process involves the creation of heat which may create burns and blisters. However, an experienced surgeon understands the methods of avoiding this risk.
  2. The removal of fat results in a vacuum which can be filled by a fluid. The body generates fluid in this section in a bid to fill the vacuum. The fluid should be continuously removed till the vacuum is no more. A syringe is inserted to extract this fluid.
  3. Scientific studies have revealed that ultrasound may destroy the anatomic structures of the areas being treated.

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Minimizing the risks associated with ultrasonic Assisted Technique, a patient should contact a qualified and experienced surgeon. Check on the length of time the surgeon has performed the process, know the rate at which complications have occurred and if possible get a glimpse of the pictures of those who have done the liposuction before and after.

Body regions to be treated

Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction can treat all sections of the body although it is more efficient for body parts requiring more accuracy. It can be used in areas that have undergone liposuction but require more precision

Costs of ultrasonic liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction is an affordable liposuction without surgery, the cost of performing this technique is not different from that incurred in other costs. The prices will be around $9000. The cost will depend on the size of the regions from which fat is removed.

Liposuction Safety – Explaining the possible risks of Liposuction

liposuction surgery risksLiposuction is the process of removing unwanted fat from the specific regions of the body. There are various methods for performing liposuction. Though some are not considered safe, they are still popular in the medical field. These methods, like other medical procedures, are associated with risks. Before anyone can undergo liposuction, he/she ought to understand its implications. Below are some of the liposuction risks.

The occurrence of infections: Infections often occur after liposuction procedures. Antibiotics should be prescribed for all patients undergoing liposuction to clean the wounds. Some physicians do not prescribe leaving the patients at risk of infections. Some infections are hazardous such the necrotizing where the bacteria feed on body tissues.

An embolism occurs when fats get to the blood through the blood vessels which were destroyed in the liposuction process. The fats may be transported to the lungs or brain. When blood clots in the lungs, the patient experience a breathe shortage. A fat embolism can also cause disability.

How does cannula may affect your vital organs?

The cannula inserted during liposuction may damage organs since the surgeon cannot see it as it moves to the targeted areas. In the process, it may injure internal organs. In an abdominal liposuction, the ileum can be harmed; the damaged organs will require surgery to be rectified.

Note: If you are planning on undergoing for a liposuction surgical procedure, contact only the top qualified liposuction surgeons in Sydney clinic for more advice.

Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction involves the creation of heat which may create burns and blisters. However, an experienced surgeon understands the methods of avoiding this risk.

The removal of fat results in a vacuum which can be filled by a fluid. The body generates fluid in this section in a bid to fill the vacuum. The fluid should be continuously removed till the vacuum is no more. A syringe is inserted to extract this fluid.

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Scientific studies have revealed that ultrasound may destroy the anatomic structures of the areas being treated.

The skin over the treated region may become permanently numb after the liposuction process. It later starts to fall off.

male liposuction in sydneyImbalances may occur in the fluid. During liposuctions that involve the injection, a lot of fluid is added to the body. This creates a fluid imbalance in the body. If the surgeon does not note this problem, the patient can experience kidney or heart problems.

Excessive of the lidocaine fluid injected during liposuction has many ill-effects to the body. These include tongue numbness, dizziness, slurred speech, trembling among others. Excessive lidocaine can prompt the heart to stop hence very dangerous.

Specifying the complications

After liposuction procedure, the serum may flow out from the blood due to lack of tissues in the regions they were removed.

A hematoma is the bleeding of the blood vessels beneath the skin. This occurs after liposuction in the treated areas.

Thrombosis is among the fatal liposuction risks. After the liposuction, blood may clot within the blood vessels prevent the flow of blood.

Deaths are among the rare liposuction risks. Deaths may be as a result of the surgeon’s incompetence. In the past, before the discovery of the wet technique, excessive blood loss resulted to deaths.


Indeed, there are a lot of risks involved in liposuction. Daily exercises are the most effective means of reducing excess fats in the body.

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Understanding Tumescent liposuction

Liposuction is a technique of removing fats from certain areas of the body using the suction method. There are many techniques of liposuction. Here, we shall examine a common technique which has been for a long time, considered safe.

Increased technology has eliminated the harm resulting from liposuction. Newer liposuction methods are in place to make the process easier. The current types of liposuction include:

Tumescent liposuction Overview

Tumescent-Liposuction-in-SydneyThis procedure is popular among the liposuction types. In this process, the body must be put numb by anesthetic elements; specifically the area of tube insertion. The numbness alleviates pain during insertion. Lidocaine is the element used commonly when it comes to aesthetic that avoids pain and the feeling of burning sensation. Epinephrine is included for the capillaries to induce, shrink and avoid bleeding) to create a mixture that is injected in the patient’s body via the tube right before the liposuction surgery starts.

The lidocaine becomes the specific area experience firming and swelling. In this kind of liposuction procedure does require an anesthetic element to put the person asleep the whole time during the surgery.

Having learned of the procedure we can pick out the benefits of tumescent liposuction: there is no bleeding due to the presence of epinephrine. Liposuction moreover eliminates the requirement of a general anesthesia. Therefore, there has been many improvements on the older types of liposuction

History of tumescent liposuction

Originally, tumescent liposuction was developed in the 2970s in Italy and France. It was later introduced to US in the 1980s. During that time, the liposuction was only done on a general anesthesia.  On many occasions, there was a lot of bleeding loss that patients became hospitalized after the process. Blood transfusions often, accompanied the process. Dr. Jeffery, in the year 1985, came up with the tumescent method and general anesthesia was replaced with the temporary local anesthesia. Blood loss was also reduced. Since then, tumescent liposuction has become one of the safest methods of liposuction.

For more smooth results in a tumescent liposuction, micro cannulas can be utilized since they provide a better control for fat removal. Large cannulas are associated with the risks of depressions on the skin. They also suck out fat quickly and through this excessive fat can be removed. The surgeon finds it hard to control large cannulas.

 After the liposuction

A smaller scale of bruising is developed after your Liposuction in Sydney clinic tumescent process, from the use of local anesthesia compared to other methods using general anesthesia. There are two reasons explaining the reduction in bruising. The tumescent method uses epinephrine while constricts capillaries reducing blood loss. Therefore, no blood is left below the skin that would cause bruising. Secondly, anesthetic blood-tinged solution

Advantages of Tumescent liposuction

Generally, liposuction benefits are mentioned by many clients and proven by several surgeons to be effective, safe and reliable.

  1. Tumescent liposuction is beneficial for preventing blood loss during liposuction. The epinephrine shrinks capillaries hence preventing the loss of blood.
  2. Lidocaine injected in the solutions decreases the risks of contracting infections. Lidocaine also prolongs the length of the local anesthesia. This allows surgery to be conducted for more than nine hours.

Facts about Liposuction and Abdominoplasty

Today’s many advancements in the field of medicine have led to countless breakthrough plastic surgery procedures. These cosmetic procedures shed light to the beauty of the human body, and to the fact that physical imperfections and defects can be corrected, damages of trauma can be remedied, and your there are parts of the body that can still be enhanced. One of the many reasons why people seek refuge in the expertise of plastic surgeons to enhance their physical appearance is that, they’ll have more self-confidence with their bodies. An increased self-esteem and affinity for beauty are also two other reasons. Many individuals even believe that an enhanced, or ideal facial or bodily feature can help them secure a better career, a place in the limelight, and maybe even find a mate whom they would be with forever.

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Is Liposuction or Abdominoplasty right for you?

the liposuction in sydneyOne of the most common plastic surgery procedures which are highly in-demand in this day and age is abdominoplasty. This procedure is commonly called tummy tuck, and it aims to make the tummy or abdominal area firmer and more attractive to look at. Abdominoplasty may not actually give you that same flat tummy which many Hollywood celebrities showcase in magazines and movies, but you’ll have a firmer abdominal area which would benefit not just your sense of beauty but your health in general.

Abdominoplasty is perfomed by removing excess adipose tissue or fat, and skin from the lower part and the middle of the abdomen. This step makes it possible to tighten the fascia and muscles of the abdominal wall. Tummy tuck is usually in demand for patients who have to deal with loose, flabby tissue of the abdominal wall after pregnancy. This is also sought after by people who underwent drastic changes associated with weight loss. The procedure comes in different types depending on the need for reconstruction and enhancement of appearance by the patient. These abdominoplasty types include extended, partial, complete, and combination abdominoplasty. The various types of the surgery come with their own sets of surgical procedure, price tags, and different length of time for recovery and convalescence.

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In the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery, Liposuction is one of the most famous form of surgical procedure that many patients choose to undergo. The main purpose of this procedure is to enhance the body contour through the techniques of removing the fats in the specific areas of the body. Liposuction can be done in many different areas of the body including thighs, abdomen, neck, buttocks and more. Liposuction is recommended to anyone who is aiming to enhance their physical appearance specially to those people who are tired of dieting and exercising. This procedure is considered to be the most effective and safest way to eliminate unwanted or extra weights in the body. If you are considering this procedure, it is smart to find the right surgeon that will guide you through the process and will help with your decisions.

What does Liposuction and Abdominoplasty can do for you?

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Complete abdominoplasty usually addresses individuals who have large amounts of adipose tissue deposits in the middle and lower abdominal area. Because of this chronic condition, the skin may have gone from firm to very loose, and the muscles started to feel lax and susceptible to easy sagging. On the other hand, partial abdominoplasty surgery usually just takes about a couple of hours to complete. It is an invasive yet less extensive operation compared to complete abdominoplasty. Smaller incisions are done on the operative site, and there is less risk for keloid formation, unsightly scarring, and post-operative complications. You will also have less recovery time compared to complete abdominoplasty. Bear in mind though that partial abdominoplasty may not work very well on very loose skin cases. The results would be less impressive if it is opted by the patient against the advice of the practitioner since it’s cheaper, less invasive, and less time-consuming to start with.

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Extended abdominoplasty is defined as a complete type of abdominoplasty that extends to the flanks and the frontal part of the thighs. Combination abdominoplasty is done together with breast reduction, liposuction, or at times hysterectomy for female clients.

Just like with any surgical, invasive procedures, you can’t afford to settle for less when it comes to abdominoplasty. You will first need to look for a good practitioner who will then make referrals for you with regards to the procedure. It is best that the practice in which your procedure will be performed should also give you a thorough walk-through on the basics of the operation, plus the things to expect and remember before you finally go under the knife.

Full video of a Liposuction Surgery by Dr Laith Barnouti in Sydney

Choices Face-Off: Saline versus Silicone Implants

breast implants sydneyYou will not feel surprised at the constant plough or increase in the rate of women who would want to have a go with breast augmentation procedure. The other term for this procedure is breast implant surgery. You should know, before you choose to give it a go that breast implant surgery comes and addresses various shapes and sizes of the breasts. There are so many improvements in the surgical world today, and in the breast implant technology of the modern times, the world is constantly impressed with new and better developments.

Surgery to enhance the breasts has become even more defined and refined these days that clients are not very much concerned with complications as long as they consult with well-experienced doctors only. Now, how about checking out the two most common choices which you will be presented with in your surgeon’s clinic with regards to breast implants. It is essential to know these two types of implants because the resulting appearance will depend on your choice of implant type. First of all, you will need to choose the most suitable implant by cleavage and profile. The factors that need to be considered include surface texture, positioning, personal anatomy, and shape of the breasts.

Defining Saline and Silicone Implants

breast-implants-saline-or-silicone_6Saline implants are basically chosen more by clients because in the event of an accidental rupture of the implant, the saline solution which is sterile by the way will just be dissolved and absorbed into the body. The saline solution is just like water, nothing special, so the only harm it will do to your appearance would be that your breast size will look deflated until such time as you get a replacement for it. Since it is easier to place and maintain saline implants, most women prefer it to silicone ones. You may want to watch out for some rippling effect because apparently, saline solution is less dense compared to silicone gel. Silicone breast implants on the other hand is composed of a special gel substance which definitely feels more natural compared to its saline counterpart. Most surgeons would prefer this type of implant especially if they are addressing reconstructive breast surgery, in the case of post-mastectomy or trauma which resulted to one’s loss of breast tissue in the first place. The type of procedure that Sydney liposuction clinic offers that’s  more common are like breast implants, breast augmentation, liposuction procedures, tummy tuck, facelift and more.

Bear in mind that when you want to get a breast implant surgery for yourself, everything should be taken carefully, in step by step form. You must first need to consult only with a highly competent surgeon as a simple error in the procedure can lead to very serious complications. Next up, you would want to take note of what your doctor prefers when it comes to implant choices. You can choose which one you like, but heed their advice first, as they take your measurements in the first place. Finally, before you step out of the clinic in which your procedure took place, make sure that you have remembered and taken note of all the things that your doctor may have prescribed you with. Your treatment does not end when you’re discharged from a medical institution. You will have to take care of yourself afterwards until you recover from the surgery fully. Good luck!