Liposuction Safety – Explaining the possible risks of Liposuction

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liposuction surgery risksLiposuction is the process of removing unwanted fat from the specific regions of the body. There are various methods for performing liposuction. Though some are not considered safe, they are still popular in the medical field. These methods, like other medical procedures, are associated with risks. Before anyone can undergo liposuction, he/she ought to understand its implications. Below are some of the liposuction risks.

The occurrence of infections: Infections often occur after liposuction procedures. Antibiotics should be prescribed for all patients undergoing liposuction to clean the wounds. Some physicians do not prescribe leaving the patients at risk of infections. Some infections are hazardous such the necrotizing where the bacteria feed on body tissues.

An embolism occurs when fats get to the blood through the blood vessels which were destroyed in the liposuction process. The fats may be transported to the lungs or brain. When blood clots in the lungs, the patient experience a breathe shortage. A fat embolism can also cause disability.

How does cannula may affect your vital organs?

The cannula inserted during liposuction may damage organs since the surgeon cannot see it as it moves to the targeted areas. In the process, it may injure internal organs. In an abdominal liposuction, the ileum can be harmed; the damaged organs will require surgery to be rectified.

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Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction involves the creation of heat which may create burns and blisters. However, an experienced surgeon understands the methods of avoiding this risk.

The removal of fat results in a vacuum which can be filled by a fluid. The body generates fluid in this section in a bid to fill the vacuum. The fluid should be continuously removed till the vacuum is no more. A syringe is inserted to extract this fluid.

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Scientific studies have revealed that ultrasound may destroy the anatomic structures of the areas being treated.

The skin over the treated region may become permanently numb after the liposuction process. It later starts to fall off.

male liposuction in sydneyImbalances may occur in the fluid. During liposuctions that involve the injection, a lot of fluid is added to the body. This creates a fluid imbalance in the body. If the surgeon does not note this problem, the patient can experience kidney or heart problems.

Excessive of the lidocaine fluid injected during liposuction has many ill-effects to the body. These include tongue numbness, dizziness, slurred speech, trembling among others. Excessive lidocaine can prompt the heart to stop hence very dangerous.

Specifying the complications

After liposuction procedure, the serum may flow out from the blood due to lack of tissues in the regions they were removed.

A hematoma is the bleeding of the blood vessels beneath the skin. This occurs after liposuction in the treated areas.

Thrombosis is among the fatal liposuction risks. After the liposuction, blood may clot within the blood vessels prevent the flow of blood.

Deaths are among the rare liposuction risks. Deaths may be as a result of the surgeon’s incompetence. In the past, before the discovery of the wet technique, excessive blood loss resulted to deaths.


Indeed, there are a lot of risks involved in liposuction. Daily exercises are the most effective means of reducing excess fats in the body.

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