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Anti-wrinkle treatment Sydney

The main aim of going for anti-wrinkle treatment is to have a smooth, flawless skin that is bereft of any signs of aging. The results are not disappointing because anti-wrinkle treatment works magic, restoring an aged face into a beautiful, youthful face.

What anti-wrinkle treatment options are there?

plastic surgery There are many options available for treating wrinkles. These are:


Toxins such as botulia are obtained from the body, weakened and made into a form of toxin that relaxes the muscles. The harvesting of this toxin is approved and found to be safe in dealing in any form of wrinkles, frown lines, fine lines and so on. As most of these toxins are naturally occurring in the body, they do not require you carry out spot testing to determine possible side effects. They are easily assimilated into the skin, bringing results in no time. However, people have different types of skins, meaning that you should consult a dermatologist in case there is a possible side effect on their use.

Dermal fillers

These are not permanent, i.e they are injected for a given period of time after which you may be required to go for another round. Dermal fillers work by helping replace the hyaluronic acid which reduces as people get old. Once this acid starts to diminish, the fullness of the face is lost, hence the need to refill them. Examples of dermal fillers include Restylane and Juvederm. These help deal with contouring and removal of lines appearing on the face.

Excessive sweat

There are people who suffer from hyperhydrosis, medical term for excessive sweating. This condition can be alleviated by use of toxins to prevent the sweat glands from producing more sweat. This is usually a last resort after attempts to use anti-perspirants or deodorants fail to deliver the desired results. These toxins show their efficacy about 72 hours after the application and will last up to 8 months before the process is repeated.

Mesotherapy Sydney_4Mesotherapy

Hydration and collagen formation may go down over time, requiring non-invasive strategies such as the application of mesotherapy. The fats found underneath the skin are melted by use of the Hyaluronic acid and some types of vitamins. This is done on several occasions until the desired levels of collagen and hydration in the skin are achieved.


Fibrovein is the main solution which is injected in sclerotherapy to deal with the problem in the veins. This Fibrovein destroys the inner lining of the veins, resulting in the formation of clots. The damaged vein is then eliminated from the body completely in due course.


Another anti-wrinkle injection treatment option involves the use of polylactic acid. This acid is quite effective in replenishing the lost collagen as a result of the aging process. Although it takes time to get full restoration of the volume of the face, this method is quite effective.

Who should administer the anti-wrinkle treatment?

Not just anybody has the qualification to carry out this delicate procedure. You should ensure that the doctor carrying it out is certified to carry it out so that your safety is safeguarded.