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Liposuction in the Inner Thighs

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Most women seek liposuction of the inner thighs because fat depots cause the thighs to rub against each other. Men too, seek inner thigh liposuction but usually the upper part of the inner thighs. At our liposuction clinic in Sydney, our highly-skilled surgeon can give you the ideal liposuction results that you desire to get.  

If this surgical procedure is performed by a qualified surgeon no lumpiness or the irregularity of the area should be encountered. Surgical marks should also be as invisible as possible. Since this procedure can be done either surgical or non-surgical liposuction, it’s important to consult a professional surgeon to receive proper advice and the decision is what best for the patient’s need.

Why inner thigh liposuction is performed together with inner knees procedure?

Inner thigh liposuction is usually performed alongside that of inner knees because one, the layer of fat in the thighs may go all the way to the knees such that operating on one in isolation of the other could potentially lead to uneven results. This should be done under what is commonly known as complete liposuction, not partial one.

What influences the results of inner thigh liposuction?

One of the major influences on this kind of procedure is the size of the cannula.  Larger cannulas are not recommended because they tend to cause more irregularities on the skin. Instead of using cannula with large diameter, you should go for the microcannula of less than 3mm is highly advisable as this will greatly help you to achieve smooth results.

What is incomplete inner thigh liposuction?

This is the kind of liposuction where not all the fat deposits are removed due to the problem of inaccessibility. Incomplete liposuction occurs when a patient lies on their back during the procedure, rendering it almost impossible to access the areas at the back. However, this is considered the safer position for patients, who are then aided to breathe through the use of a breathing tube. The surgeon should ensure that the patient is not made to lie on their side or rolling them when the breathing tube is in place as this could potentially affect the delivery of oxygen to the body. This therefore limits the ability of the surgeon to remove the fat deposits in the posterior part of the inner thighs, hence the use of the words incomplete liposuction.

Who are good candidates of inner thigh liposuction?

If you are woman and intent on having inner thigh liposuction, then you should ensure that there are well defined fat pockets in the inner thighs. You should also have tight skin there so that you can achieve smoother contours once the completion is complete. This leaves out patients with inelastic skin as well as the aged ones. This is because wrinkled skin will not benefit from this kind of cosmetic surgery. Those with wrinkled skin will only get worse if they attempt it. Whilst it is true you may attain the smoother results on the surface, the underlying wrinkles will remain in place. Give us a call right away to speak to one of our highly-skilled professional liposuction surgeon in Sydney.

What should you do with the wrinkled skin?

If you want to get rid of the wrinkles as well as have the fine and smooth skin surface, there lift can be performed surgically to correct the problem. If the medial fat layer is what you have and noticeable wrinkles are present, you may also consider doing away with any form of surgery.