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What is liposuction?

Liposuction has several names; suction-assisted lipectomy, lipoplasty or liposculpture is a kind of cosmetic surgery that deals with removal of extra fat in the body. Most people who go for liposuction are dissatisfied with fat deposits on various parts of the body such as around the neck, arms love handles, hips and buttocks. Left that way, these regions are unsightly and a medical intervention is required to restore the natural shape of the body.

Is Liposuction Really Necessary?

Liposuction is necessary because it assists to give the body a better appearance. Most people who have undergone liposuction look better without those extra pounds of fat accumulated on the various parts of their anatomies.

It is important as it helps get rid of the fat cells that are responsible for the accumulation of fat deposits. Though the removal of fat cells is irreversible, chances of regaining the fat is increases with every extra pound of weight gain.

liposuction in SydneySome people are also mistaken to think that liposuction is an alternative method of losing weight. In actual fact, save for the removal of the excess fat, liposuction does not help you get rid of stretch marks or cellulite. So, you have to ensure you lose these through other means such as dieting and exercise.

People with conditions such as Gynaecomastia and Lymphoedema can be treated through liposuction. The latter refers to concentration of fluids in the tissues while the former is a men’s condition affecting the nipples. There are usually fat deposits around the nipples hence abnormal swelling. Men with women-like breasts are said to suffer from this condition, whose remedy lies in surgery to get rid of the fat.

Did you know that people also go for liposuction to improve their sexual lives? Well, deposition of fat in the inner thighs especially in women interferes with access to the vagina during sex. Liposuction helps to remove the fat deposits and promote better sexual experience.

There are some odd fat deposits in and around the body that are resistant to any form of dieting or exercise. They will always appear as irregularly shaped bulges on your body that alters your appearance. In such cases, only liposuction can help to restore the right shape back through body contouring.

Points to Consider Before Liposuction Procedure

There are a number of considerations one has to make before going for this surgical procedure. For one, you have to bear in mind the fact that you are not guaranteed positive results after the procedure. You should go for the surgery with the right frame of mind. There is the issue of cost, the procedure is expensive and therefore you must be ready to pay the price. Is this the final thing you are trying after others like dieting have failed? You should discuss some of these issues with your doctor so that this only becomes the last resort. Be open minded in regard to other options too. A point to also bear in mind is that not all surgeons are excellent in carrying out liposuction. Be sure that your surgeon is certified to carry out the operation.