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One of the most successful techniques that allow for contouring of the body into a more smooth and proportioned shape is liposuction.  This procedure has become a highly sought after measure that men and women seek in an effort to help them obtain a body that is better designed to fit or accommodate their build.  It is a manner of surgically reducing areas of fatty tissue deposits in certain areas of the body. Plastic surgery – body contouring and other surgical procedure to enhance your body appearance and renew your self-confidence.

This procedure always begins with a consultation.  Believe it or not, this is one of the most important phases of the process.  It allows you to get a general idea of what to expect before, during and after the procedure.  Most importantly, it gives the surgeon a general perspective on what your actual goals are in having the procedure performed.  We uses this as an assessment to determine if your desires are realistic or not.

Anesthesia administered prior to the start of the procedure

body-tightening procedure in SydneyThe surgeon and anesthesiologist will determine what level of anesthetic would be best for you during the surgery.  If there is a larger area of fat being removed, there may be a decision to have you asleep during the entire procedure.  If there are smaller amounts being removed, some Sydney liposuction surgeons will opt for a local anesthetic instead.  Most importantly, they will do what relaxes you best during the procedure in an effort to prevent you from feeling any discomfort or making any sudden movements that could result in complications.

There will be a tiny incision made in the skins fold where there will be an instrument inserted into the layer of fat.  The surgeon will inject a saline laced fluid of epinephrine. This will cause the blood vessels to contract.  This makes it much easier to rid the area of fat by attacking the fat cells and separating them from the structures of contact.

That’s one of the benefits of liposuction, afterwards, the cannula is used to remove fat that is layered beneath the skin. The cannula is just a small instrument that vacuums the fat when back and forth motions are made by the surgeon. This fat is gathered in a system of the cannula.

Body contouring benefits and how it works

Your surgeon will have predetermined as well as discussed with you the amount of fat to be removed prior to the surgery.  We sometimes use a skin pinch system to make sure that the skin is even on both sides before closing the incision.  There is sometimes a need to insert a small drainage tube to collect any fluid or blood that forms for the first few days following the procedure.  This usually only occurs if there is another procedure such as the tummy tuck performed with your surgery.

This is the basic process for the body contouring liposuction procedure.  There is much more detailed information to be gained when consulting with our trusted liposuction surgeons in Sydney.  However, this is a wonderfully celebrated procedure that delivers great benefits.

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