Who qualifies for the liposuction procedure?

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liposuction procedure in SydneyLiposuction is a procedure done surgically to remove fat deposits in various parts of the body. It is usually a last resort for people who have tried to get rid of bulges due to fat, through exercise and diet without much success. The parts of the body where these fat deposits are found include the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and hips. Liposuction is also done to reduce the cellulite.

Before you go for liposuction, you must fulfill a number of requirements. These are discussed below:


Height is an issue for candidates suitably qualified for the procedure. The average height is the preferred one and is determined through Basal metabolic Index or BMI. This means that ideally, you must fall within the BMI range of 18.5 and 24.9. Planning to get a surgery done? Find a top Sydney liposuction surgeon to discover if you are qualified for a liposuction surgery.


Your skin must be healthy in the sense that it should be elastic and firm enough; otherwise inelastic and loose skin would easily disqualify you. If you have a skin infection or any other skin condition, you should inform the surgeon in advance so that proper treatment is provided before you are booked for liposuction.

Generally body health

It looks obvious, but it is important that you be in a state of good health. Unhealthy persons will have a problem recovering from the operation since it involves surgery, where you may develop some complications; if you are unhealthy, then the risks can only get worse.

Must have failed diet and exercise

It is not advisable to go for liposuction if you have not tried   diet or exercise. As earlier noted, liposuction is usually a last resort for people who have tried these two and failed. Liposuction procedure fall into category, search for a professional surgeon to help and examine which liposuction types is right for your needs.


If you have cellulite, then you will be ruled out for this operation because it is intended to get rid of fat only. If cellulite was to be removed, then it would leave ugly marks on the skin and the skin will also have severe irregularities


Though not considered a serious determinant, the young a person is, the higher the success rate for the reason that a young person has a more elastic skin compared to an older person.

plastic surgery in sydney affordableThings to do before settling for liposuction

If you have finally decided to go for liposuction, one of the preliminaries is to consult a qualified and certified surgeon. The surgeon will review your medical history; carry out health checks on you before deciding whether to admit you or nit.

The surgeon will also discuss with you the procedure to be carried out, the costs, risks and the recovery after the surgery. It is important that at this point and time, you ask any relevant questions related to the surgery. Most commonly, our expert of liposuction surgeon in Sydney also performs other forms of surgical procedure like breast augmentation. You can discuss to your surgeon if there’s any other procedure you have in mind.

Preparations for liposuction

Other preparations that you will be instructed to make regard diet, the foods and drinks to avoid as well as the prohibited medication at this point. It is important to point out that you should maintain a healthy lifestyle prior to the surgery. You should keep off alcohol, cigarettes, and certain vitamins and so on.

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