Liposuction types and procedures

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liposuction surgery in sydneyWhen you wake up one day and realize that here are fat deposits on various parts of the body, your fast reaction would be shock. You would get worried on how you can have your body reshaped and contoured to the right proportion. Thankfully, liposuction comes handy because it works where even exercise and diets may have failed. There are various types of liposuction that are in application today as we shall see in this article. You can visit our Sydney liposuction clinic for affordable liposuction procedures.

Parts of the body where liposuction is done

Fat may accumulate in various parts such as the calves, ankles, abdomen, knee, and waist and so on. When used in conjunction with tummy tuck, breast reduction, breast lift among other procedures, liposuction can help alleviate the problem greatly.

cost of liposuction in sydneyTumescent liposuction

One of the liposuction procedures is tumescent which involves injection of saline solution where the fat deposit is so that it can melt and be easily removed. This solution contains a mixture   of a painkiller and a drug for contracting blood vessesls, otherwise known as epinephrine. Tumescent type of liposuction is preferred for the main reason that it causes minimal loss of blood through bleeding. The use of the painkiller in the saline solution also greatly assists in managing pain. Get a quality tumescent but cheap liposuction in Sydney clinic.


As the name suggests, this procedure utilizes the ultrasonic kind of energy to change the solid fat into liquid so that extraction becomes easier. Ultrasonic is a form of low energy wave that is used to melt the fat before the liquefied fat is sucked out using a tool known as a cannula. Visit this website – to get started with your liposuction journey today!

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