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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Many people would like to improve the appearance of their nose either because they feel it is too big or irregularities such as being bent, misshapen, or having a hump in the ridge on the nose. Any of these issues can create the desire to have what is commonly called a nose job or nose reshaping. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to enhance the shape and size of the nose and in some cases the position of the nose. Rhinoplasty has become one of the more popular cosmetic procedures offered at our Sydney based cosmetic surgery clinic.

The Rhinoplasty procedure

The reasons vary as to why someone may decide to have rhinoplasty, although most often it is the desire to reduce the size or shape of their nose. Rhinoplasty can be performed from inside the nose which produces no visible scars. This method is called the closed Rhinoplasty.

The other method that is commonly used is known as an open Rhinoplasty in which there is an 8mm incision made in the columella and this allows the nose skin to be lifted so the procedure can be done under direct vision.

Rhinoplasty tends to be one of the most technical procedures in cosmetic surgery and should only be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. At our cosmetic surgery clinic in Sydney Dr Barnouti is has many years of experience and specializes in the rhinoplasty procedure. You can be rest assured that you will be in good hands and achieve a great outcome with his care.

What will happen during my Rhinoplasty consultation?

During your initial consultation, your full medical history including an examination of your nose and a what you would like to be achieved will be discussed. After Dr Barnouti has a clear understating as to what you would like to achieve he will customise the rhinoplasty procedure to your individual needs.

What happens during the rhinoplasty procedure?

Once you are in surgery Dr Barnouti will sculpt and reshape the cartilage and bone which makes up your nose. This can be achieved via one of two ways; either through the nostrils which is preferred by some and the other way is through a small incision across the columella.

View Our Rhinoplasty Before & After Gallery For More Information

rhinoplasty in sydneyHow long does it take to recover from rhinoplasty?

After the procedure a cast or splint will be applied to your nose. Your nose will be a little sore to touch for the first couple of days and there is a good chance there will be a small amount of bruising for eight to ten days following the procedure. The bruising will start to subside 3 to 4 days after surgery.

We advise cold compresses or ice packs to be applied on your nose for the first 24 hours as this helps to minimize swelling and also helps quicken the healing process.

We will require you to come back in to the clinic to have the stiches removed five to seven days after surgery. After the stiches are removed you will no longer need any further dressing on your nose.

When is it OK to resume regular activities?

We require you to rest for two days after your procedure and you may return to work after seven days.