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Below are some facts about Liposuction.

Liposuction statistics

Liposuction has grown in leaps and bounds in the recent years. The trend has picked up in various parts of the world. You will find this practice all over ,from China to North America, Middle East ,Central and South America, to name but a few.

What has led to spread of this cosmetic procedure?

One major contributor to the spread and popularity of liposuction is the growth of the middle class. This group is made up of career men and women who can afford to spare some money to improve their image. Notably, Asia as a continent has seen a tremendous growth in the number of the middle class.

What are the liposuction statistics?

It is difficult to get an actual figure of the number of people who have gone under the scalpel. We can however use data on some of the countries of the world.


In 2008, USA alone had a record of 330,000 cases of liposuction performed. Out of these, 300,000 procedures were done on women, with men taking up the remaining 30,000. This goes on to show that women constituted over 80% of the liposuction patients. The trend is not isolated to North America alone, but Europe as well.

The cost

This is a huge number, given the fact that excess of one billion dollars went into liposuction.

Liposuction and race

Liposuction procedures can also be grouped according to race. African-Americans, latin-Americans and the natives constitute the bulk of the patients for liposuction procedure. As for the Caucasians and the Asian Americans, preference was given to breast augmentation as opposed to liposuction. This trend held true in the year 2008.

The trend, down the line shows the following:


The year after 2008-that is 2009-the trend showed reduction in the number of liposuction surgeries. There was a record 198,252 cases of liposuction which is slightly above half of those procedures done the previous year.


In this year, the surgeries shot up to 354, 015, which again shows a sudden increase in interest in the cosmetic procedure.

Percentage changes in the liposuction trend

There is a marked change in percentage of the liposuction for the years sampled above. Let us analyze them.

The percentage change in the liposuction procedures between 2008 and 2009 is given by a -19% difference, which shows that there was a reduction from 2008 to 2009 by 19%.

As for the 2009 and 2000, the change was markedly bigger-a -44% change in the number of liposuction procedures.

Liposuction Procedures

What could have contributed to the change in liposuction procedures?

There are many factors which could have led to the change in the number of procedures. One of the main reasons is the fact that there has been economic crunch, causing the numbers to plummet.

Another factor that could be affecting the numbers is the change in attitude of people towards the liposuction procedure. Affordability in the recent past may have seen a surge in the number of people going for the cosmetic procedure.lastly, we could pinpoint to the availability of the service in many hospitals as reason for the increase in the popularity.

Cosmetic Surgery and Breast implants

Most women love great looking breasts and a lot of mothers will choose to have breast implants after having children as the breasts often get everything sucked out of them. Breast implants have now become very affordable and can be obtained by a greater number of people.  Many women will choose the c cup size as it tends to work best for most women.