Understanding Tumescent liposuction

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Liposuction is a technique of removing fats from certain areas of the body using the suction method. There are many techniques of liposuction. Here, we shall examine a common technique which has been for a long time, considered safe.

Increased technology has eliminated the harm resulting from liposuction. Newer liposuction methods are in place to make the process easier. The current types of liposuction include:

Tumescent liposuction Overview

Tumescent-Liposuction-in-SydneyThis procedure is popular among the liposuction types. In this process, the body must be put numb by anesthetic elements; specifically the area of tube insertion. The numbness alleviates pain during insertion. Lidocaine is the element used commonly when it comes to aesthetic that avoids pain and the feeling of burning sensation. Epinephrine is included for the capillaries to induce, shrink and avoid bleeding) to create a mixture that is injected in the patient’s body via the tube right before the liposuction surgery starts.

The lidocaine becomes the specific area experience firming and swelling. In this kind of liposuction procedure does require an anesthetic element to put the person asleep the whole time during the surgery.

Having learned of the procedure we can pick out the benefits of tumescent liposuction: there is no bleeding due to the presence of epinephrine. Liposuction moreover eliminates the requirement of a general anesthesia. Therefore, there has been many improvements on the older types of liposuction

History of tumescent liposuction

Originally, tumescent liposuction was developed in the 2970s in Italy and France. It was later introduced to US in the 1980s. During that time, the liposuction was only done on a general anesthesia.  On many occasions, there was a lot of bleeding loss that patients became hospitalized after the process. Blood transfusions often, accompanied the process. Dr. Jeffery, in the year 1985, came up with the tumescent method and general anesthesia was replaced with the temporary local anesthesia. Blood loss was also reduced. Since then, tumescent liposuction has become one of the safest methods of liposuction.

For more smooth results in a tumescent liposuction, micro cannulas can be utilized since they provide a better control for fat removal. Large cannulas are associated with the risks of depressions on the skin. They also suck out fat quickly and through this excessive fat can be removed. The surgeon finds it hard to control large cannulas.

 After the liposuction

A smaller scale of bruising is developed after your Liposuction in Sydney clinic tumescent process, from the use of local anesthesia compared to other methods using general anesthesia. There are two reasons explaining the reduction in bruising. The tumescent method uses epinephrine while constricts capillaries reducing blood loss. Therefore, no blood is left below the skin that would cause bruising. Secondly, anesthetic blood-tinged solution

Advantages of Tumescent liposuction

Generally, liposuction benefits are mentioned by many clients and proven by several surgeons to be effective, safe and reliable.

  1. Tumescent liposuction is beneficial for preventing blood loss during liposuction. The epinephrine shrinks capillaries hence preventing the loss of blood.
  2. Lidocaine injected in the solutions decreases the risks of contracting infections. Lidocaine also prolongs the length of the local anesthesia. This allows surgery to be conducted for more than nine hours.

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