Wet liposuction  – What are the benefits?

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This liposuction technique is the similar to both tumescent and wet liposuction and tends to appear to be somewhere between the two. This ideally means that you can have the benefits of both the traditional liposuction and tumescent liposuction. However, there is more to that as we shall discover from super wet liposuction. Remember that it is always very important to find a specialist liposuction surgeon to perform the surgery as you can be assured a good outcome.

Lowers blood loss

Just like wet liposuction, there is reduced amount of blood loss compared to wet liposuction. This is because it uses more of the saline solution. The fact that you are put under the general anaesthesia means that you will stand to lose less blood in the process.

Covers wider areas

Unlike other liposuction techniques which are specific to certain parts of the body, liposuction is most suited to more areas and includes buttocks, flanks, arms, thighs, abdomen and the waist. This gives you a wider choice on where the fat can be removed.

Liposuction Before and after

Checkout the results we have achieved at out liposuction before and after page.

Easier fat removal

Unlike the traditional fat removal method where the cannula is inserted and forced to remove the fat layers, the use of the saline solution makes it easier for the cannula to remove the fat without having to disturb the tissues under the skin.

Epinephrine reduces blood loss

Whilst the saline solution plays an important role in removal of the fat, the epinephrine in it helps to reduce the risk of bleeding which means you won’t lose as much blood as is witnessed in other methods where only the anaesthesia is used.

Removes more fat

Going by the reasoning that the amount of saline solution used gives the same amount of fat; it ideally means that you will remove more fat per unit area than the wet liposuction.

Takes less time

Just like the wet liposuction technique, super wet liposuction takes a very short time, which means that the downtime is short to allow you to resume your normal activities.

Same benefits as tumescent

The super wet liposuction has the same benefits as tumescent of liposuction, though it uses less fluid that is injected.

Improves patient’s safety

Whilst wet liposuction was intended to reduce the amount of blood lost during the surgical operation, super wet liposuction is an improved aspect of the former; hence means more reduced blood loss.

Better than dry liposuction

Dry liposuction has been associated with increased blood loss, bruising and swelling. The injection of the fluid containing anaesthesia and epinephrine has greatly overturned the negative side effects related twitch dry liposuction. This has made super wet liposuction a far much improvement from the dry liposuction.

No blood transfusion

Blood transfusion is common among patients undergoing traditional liposuction techniques. This is however not the case with super wet liposuction technique as the patient does not lose as much blood.

Helps in fast removal easier of fat

If wet liposuction led to fast removal of fat from beneath the skin, super wet liposuction has made an improvement on the wet liposuction. This means that you fatter can be removed more easily and faster with super wet liposuction technique than the wet technique itself.