What Are the Benefits of Wet Liposuction

vaser-liposuctionThis kind of liposuction is so called because the patient is injected with a saline solution comprising of adrenaline and anaesthesia. Apart from breaking down the fat deposits, this solution also causes the blood vessels to constrict. Is this procedure beneficial? The following are the various benefits associated with this technique:

Less risky compared to dry liposuction
Out of experience, patients who go for wet liposuction are less likely to have adverse side effects compared to those who go for dry liposuction. It appears that the saline solution helps to reduce harmful effect during the procedure.
Bleeding is less severe
The saline solution causes the constriction of the blood vessels, meaning that there will be reduced bleeding. Bleeding is a common side effect of many surgical procedures.

Reduced bruising
Wet liposuction involves less blood loss and as result, patients are not likely to suffer from severe bruising. Other methods like dry liposuction exposes patients to extensive bruising.

Less Swelling
With reduced bleeding and bruising, chances of swelling from the wounds are also drastically reduced.

Less-postoperative pain
Wet liposuction patients will not have to endure a lot of pain after the operation. In other words, it is a not a painful surgical procedure. This is a far cry from the traditional liposuction methods whereby patients have to endure a lot of pain after operation.

Quick recovery time
You will recover far much more quickly from the wet liposuction than you would from the conventional liposuction methods. This means that you will more likely resume your daily activities (albeit light0 within a few days after the discharge.

Reduced number of complications
As noted, there are no cases of bleeding, bruising or swelling. As such, there are no resultant complications from the operation. The surgeon will not require you back for further surgical interventions after the operation.

Works where exercise and diet have failed
Where diet and exercise have failed to remove unwanted fat from certain parts of the body, wet liposuction offers a ray of hope in redeeming the shape of the body by removing the pockets of fat.

Little volume of saline solution used
Unlike tumescent liposuction where a high volume of saline solution is required, wet liposuction requires less amount of the same but with equally positive results inasmuch as removal of unwanted fat is concerned.

It has become advanced
Unlike some traditional liposuction methods, wet liposuction has embraced modern safe techniques of removing unwanted body fat. This has made it one of the safest methods of fat removal.

As the procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia, the patient will not experience serious discomfort. It is also worth noting that this method uses more saline solution than super wet liposuction. This ideally means that you be more numb under the wet liposuction than under the super wet liposuction. As a result, you will experience the least amount of pain during the operation.

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Reduced risk of infection
As long as a skilled surgeon carries out the procedure, you will rest assured that the excess fluid in the body does not end up to other organs like the lungs.

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