What is lipoplasty?

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Liposuction or lipoplasty is a surgical procedure whereby unwanted body fat is removed so as to reshape and contour them. The various parts of the body where the fat deposits are removed include the arms, abdomen, buttocks, neck and hips. In Sydney, you can find many professional plastic surgeon specializing surgical and non-surgical liposuction procedures. Continue reading below to know what liposuction is all about.

Is liposuction a way of losing weight?

Many people confuse liposuction with other methods of weight loss. In fact overweight people go for the procedure with the aim of losing weight. However, liposuction is not meant to help you lose weight. If you are obese or generally overweight, you will need to look for other options such as:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Bariatric

What to look for before settling for lipoplasty or liposuction in Sydney?

There are important factor that one must bear in mind before going for this surgical procedure. These are as discussed below:


Undoubtedly, cost is one of the most important factors to consider before going for the surgical procedure. This is an expensive procedure especially because it is not covered by insurance. You will therefore have to make sure that you look for the most affordable clinic before committing to one. Visit our main liposuction Sydney clinic page for more information about our affordable prices on all liposuction procedures.


Cost aside, the cost is another aspect of lipoplasty you cannot ignore. By quality we mean that the clinic must have the best facilities for the procedure while at the same time the surgeon must be highly trained, professional and experienced.

Lipoplasty ideal candidate

There is more to lipoplasty than qualifications of the surgeon and the cost. The question one needs to ask is: am I a suitable candidate for the procedure? The following guideline will help you to determine if you are qualified or not.

Elastic skin

Do you have firm skin that is also elastic but which you are not happy with? If so, you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

Perfect health

Individuals with good state of health stand a better chance of undergoing a successful liposuction procedure as compared to those whose immunity is weak.


Smoking is not a healthy habit for anyone who is looking forward for this cosmetic surgery. This is because it weakens the immune system such that you may experience delayed healing.

Positive outlook in life

People with a positive mindset are at a better position to get better results than those who have unrealistic goals. It is therefore important to evaluate ones goals to make you do not them so high that you become disappointed when they become unattainable. 

How safe is lipoplasty?

Liposuction is safe if performed by a professional and certified liposuction surgeon. With the advances of laser technology, non-surgical liposuction is also available to give you an option if you fear on going under the knife. Get an affordable vaser liposuction that offers the same great results as liposuction surgery targeting the removal of fat in many different areas of the body. Although all the measures can be taken into account, there is always the risk of the following:

Injuring organs

As it is an invasive procedure, there is a greater chance of rupturing or damaging a vital organ.


Due to excessive bleeding which occur internally, clots may form in the blood vessels. If these clots are not taken care of, they may cause serious health problems.


As lipoplasty involves making incisions, one may end up with several surgical marks on the body. These marks later develop into scars.


Although it is rare, this surgery can cause death.

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